DC Training Land Bailey

Thursday, 24 January 2013

DC Training Land Bailey

After 19 years service working at Doncaster Rovers football club Richard Bailey now has a totally new challenge with DC Training and Development Services.

In this article, Richard tells his own story about his time with Doncaster Rovers and how the opportunity to work with DC Training and Darren Calow came about.

I spent nearly 19 years at Doncaster Rovers having started work at the club way back on December 3rd 1993. Back then, I worked for the old ‘Football in the Community' scheme after a short spell working with my dad on the ground staff.
My dad was head grounds man at the time and I helped him out from time to time, this is where I first met Eric Randerson, who ran the ‘Football in the Community' scheme at Rovers. Eric saw something in me he liked and offered me an interviewed and still to this day he is a very good friend.

I firmly believe the work I did with Rovers gave me a good understanding of all aspects of life and will help me greatly with my work at DC Training and Development Services Ltd.

Some of the activities I managed and carried out helped my people skills at Rovers and helped me to understand people's needs on a day-to-day basis. I also realised very quickly how to manage individuals as of course everyone is very different.
At first, I was very commanding, barked orders at people but this was simply not me as a person, and I found it much easier to use my happy go lucky personality and talk to people to get the best out of them. These skills led me to take on several tutoring sessions working with groups of all ages including people with mental health problems.

During my time at the football club, I also gained several qualifications linked to tutoring, project management and teaching and learning, all these qualifications will benefit the work I am carrying out at DC Training and Development Services Ltd, as they are all qualifications where good people skills are required.

Overall, the time I spent at Rovers has helped me develop as a person and I would not swap the good times I had there for anything.

The final and hopefully the last Chapter in my working life story saw me made redundant at the club and after a few weeks, I sent a request out on Facebook asking my friends if they knew or had heard of any positions for me as a Sports coach/Tutor training.

Thankfully, I received a Facebook message from Darren Calow Managing Director at DC Training and Development Services and a person I knew from Doncaster Rovers.


I was very lucky in the fact that Darren knew my personality and the people skills I have and he asked me if I would be interested in becoming a tutor working with people who where about to be made redundant or where unemployed already, Darren suggested I came down had a look around and spent a day in the office with the staff, I did just that, enjoyed my day and after a couple more phone calls I accepted Darren's offer and started On November 1st .

I have now been with the company for 5 weeks and at the moment my role has seen me helping out with candidates, and various office based duties, however from January I will be tutoring employment skills to the types of groups of people I mentioned earlier and now have an official title of Job Search Tutor Trainer.

After having my role at the football club disbanded recently I feel I am in a prime position to offer help, support and general guidance to the people I will be working with during a difficult time in these lives.

Finally, I am really looking forward to this new challenge and a new step in my working life.

Richard Bailey

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